Dictionary of Medical Terms, 4th Edition by Peter Collin

By Peter Collin

Within the new version of this bestselling dictionary, greater than 16,000 phrases from English-speaking and overseas clinical practices are defined in transparent, easy phrases. phrases in really good fields reminiscent of surgical procedure, nursing, pharmacy, and dentistry are all addressed with sentences and grammar notes for every access. jam-packed with quintessential useful references for interns, nurses, clinical secretaries, and trainees in any scientific box, the transparent motives make it perfect for any pupil or practitioner of medication.

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Arm bones / ɑ m bəυnz/ plural noun the huarm bones merus, the ulna and the radius armpit / ɑ mpt/ noun the hollow under the shoulder, between the upper arm and the body, where the upper arm joins the shoulder, containing several important blood vessels, lymph nodes and sweat glands. Also called axilla arm sling / ɑ m slŋ/ noun a support for an injured arm that prevents it from moving by tying it against the chest Arnold-Chiari malformation / ɑ nəld ki eəri m lfɔ meʃ(ə)n/ noun a congenital condition in which the base of the skull is malformed, allowing parts of the cerebellum into the spinal canal [Described 1894.

The right atrium receives venous blood from the superior and inferior venae cavae and the left atrium receives oxygenated blood from the pulmonary veins. atrophic cirrhosis / trɒfk s rəυss/ atrophic cirrhosis noun advanced portal cirrhosis in which the liver has become considerably smaller and clumps of new cells are formed on the surface of the liver where fibrous tissue has replaced damaged liver cells. Also called hobnail liver atrophic gastritis / trɒfk strats/ noun inflammation of the stomach caused by being unable to produce enough acid to kill bacteria atrophic vaginitis / trɒfk v d  nats/ noun inflammation, thinning and shrinking of atrophic gastritis atrophic vaginitis audithe tissues of the vagina caused by a lack of oestrogen atrophy / trəfi/ noun the wasting of an organ or part of the body í verb (of an organ or part of the body) to waste away atropine / trəpi n/ noun an alkaloid substance derived from the poisonous plant belladonna and used, among other things, to enlarge the pupil of the eye, to reduce salivary and bronchial secretions during anaesthesia and as a muscarinic antagonist ATS / e ti es/ abbr antitetanus serum attack /ə t k/ noun a sudden occurrence of an illness ć He had an attack of fever.

Any small tube or sac hanging from an organ apperception / pə sepʃ(ə)n/ noun the conscious recognition of a stimulus appetite / ptat/ noun the feeling of wanting food ˽ good appetite interest in eating food ˽ loss of appetite becoming uninterested in eating food applanation tonometry / plə neʃ(ə)n tə nɒmətri/ noun the measuring of the thickness of the cornea appliance /ə plaəns/ noun a piece of apparatus used on the body ć He was wearing a surgical appliance to support his neck. application / pl keʃ(ə)n/ noun 1.

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