Diazonium and Diazo Groups: Volume 2 (1978)

Chapter 12 Kinetics and mechanisms of reactions related to diazonium and diazo teams (pages 511–591): A. F. Hegarty
Chapter thirteen Rearrangements regarding the diazo and diazonium teams (pages 593–644): D. Whittaker
Chapter 14 training of diazonium teams (pages 645–657): ok. Schank
Chapter 15 Synthesis of diazoalkanes (pages 659–708): M. Regitz
Chapter sixteen coaching and makes use of of isotopically labelled diazonium and diazo compounds (pages 709–749): Peter J. Smith and Kenneth C. Westaway
Chapter 17 Carbonyl, phosphoryl and sulphonyl diazo compounds (pages 751–820): M. Regitz
Chapter 18 man made purposes of diazoalkanes, diazocyclopentadienes and diazoazacyclopentadienes (pages 821–976): D. S. Wulfman, G. Linstrumelle and C. F. Cooper

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Ic(I ;I gcgcnradical:") is not particularly slablc an

8 k O . 00 195 I t is proposed that with clectron-donating substituents in the arenediazonium ion, k , is rate dctermining; the Hamnictt p value obtained ( - 2 . ,i-diazohydroxidc (k-3). g. p-NO,, p-NC) are present then k , is vcry much reduced; the rate of r r t z f i --i SJW isomcrization is concomitantly incrcascd so that 536 A. F. Hcgarty reaction occurs via the inorc rcactive s)'n isomcr. 1 in this case. 65). I t is likely that k , rather than k, is rate determining under these conditions since such small positive p values are characteristic of isonierizations about the azo linkage.

A method originally used by Thiele and by StollellG (equation 31). RNHNH, EtONO> NaOE! + \ \ N=N N,O + EtOH (31 1 \ 0- (ii) Reaction of diazotates with acid. E Dcpendencc of rate of conversion of cr/r/i-benzencdiazot~icion ion on pH. 10 diazonium of workers. H +I (32) 12. Kinetics and mechanisins of reactions involving diazoniuni and diazo groups 535 pH. Lewis and Hanson"' have made a careful study of the basicity and cquilibria involved for anti-diazotatcs and have shown that the kinetically determined pK,'s (from plots such as Figure 4) are consistent with estimates of diazotate pK;s determined either spectrophotonietrically or by titration (Table 4).

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