Democratic Republic of The Congo (Modern World Nations) by Joseph R. Oppong, Tania Woodruff, Charles F. Gritzner

By Joseph R. Oppong, Tania Woodruff, Charles F. Gritzner

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Because the men are not around, the status of women has improved simply because someone has to handle the responsibilities of daily life. However, meeting family responsibilities as well as dealing with a business, or working a farm, is a high price for these women to pay. In addition, there is always the possibility that their husbands may meet and marry another woman in the town where they are working. Polygamy is permitted. Many men return home and infect their wives with a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS.

Despite the many problems that could directly be attributed to Mobutu’s inept leadership, he was reelected in 1977. Of course his victory was assisted by the fact that no other candidates were allowed to challenge him in the election! Mobutu worked hard to increase his personal fortune at the expense of his country and its people. S. dollars, most of which was safely stashed away in Swiss banks. This figure was about the same amount as the country’s foreign debt at the time. In 1989, the government defaulted on international loans from Belgium.

Dried bricks are then put into a brick oven to be hardened. When the fire has died and the bricks are cooled, they are sturdy and ready for use in building another home. When you arrive at your home, it is time to start your afternoon chores. You need to feed the animals, pull weeds in the garden, and hang up the laundry to dry. Luckily, your mother already washed it by hand. By the time you finish, your mother is making fufu (a thick paste), so you help her. First, you boil plantains (like bananas) and cassava until they are soft.

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