Dealing with Resistance in Psychotherapy by Althea J. Horner PhD

By Althea J. Horner PhD

Resistance is an unlucky time period for the manifestation of protection mechanisms within the therapy state of affairs. Use of the note to a psychoanalytically unsophisticated sufferer could evoke undesired outcomes simply because to a sufferer, it implies planned rationale and therefore, blame. From the patient's subconscious, or at time awake, standpoint, those defenses safeguard the person from quite a few intrapsychic or interpersonal hazards. so long as those defenses are in play, the method of exploration and discovery involves a halt. they need to be understood and punctiliously analyzed for they're on the middle of the remedy impasse.
This e-book is written for the pro psychotherapist who can be wondered why paintings with a specific sufferer or consumer goes nowhere. It brings to the therapist's recognition a wide selection of those defenses, those resistances, that allows you to be addressed and resolved.

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Anna Freud (1968) wrote, “Object constancy means . . ’ Up to about thirty months, it is very much at the mercy of the toddler’s own mood swings and ‘ego states’ and dependent on the actual mothertoddler situation of the moment” (24). ” This is an important distinction, as the individual who has achieved object constancy carries the internalized object with him despite an interrupted relationship, and can maintain a sense of what Winnicott (1965) calls ego-relatedness. ” that reflects pleasure in the child’s accomplishments is also internalized, and now is voiced by the superego, which is composed of both the ego-ideal and the conscience.

Despite the successful negotiation of this stage of development, there may be sources of intrapsychic conflict with such an individual, which will be the impetus to see a therapist. Resistances will be more specifically related to the specific conflict or conflicts and can more readily be worked with by interpretation or confrontation. The resistances will not spring from a need to protect a fragile character structure. A transference resistance will be more directly related to the conflict in question when the patient attributes to the therapist a particular stance with respect to the conflict.

When this happens, the therapist may worry more about the astuteness of her interventions than their appropriateness or helpfulness. The source of the referral may also be the source of a pressure to perform. The therapist wants to look good to her colleague, not only to make sure there will be future referrals, but also out of a concern about the colleague’s judgment of her competence. Resistance to Setting the Frame The therapist may balk at setting an appropriate frame if it makes her feel too much like the rigid and controlling father she resented so deeply.

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