Critique of Western Philosophy and Social Theory by D. Sprintzen

By D. Sprintzen

The "existential" drama on the middle of the fashionable global is the results of a very cataclysmic transformation in our associations and modes of trust. It competitors in scope and importance, if it doesn't surpass, the transformation occasioned by means of the "Scientific Revolution" of the 16th and 17th century. Few can nonetheless doubt - no matter if they don't but take pleasure in - the great and international scope of this "Second medical Revolution." Our basic modes of suggestion and motion, institutional constitution, own id, financial improvement, and relation to nature, all require radical revision if human lifestyles on the earth (and past) is to outlive and prosper. we're hence faced with a global whose constructions of that means and corresponding institutional foundations are being undermined, therefore presaging a innovative transformation. That transformation, despite the fact that doubtful at the present, can't fail to be radical and finished. This paintings significantly evaluates its nature, outlines the constructions of an alternate global view after which develops the contours of the social and institutional order it indicates. It concludes with a dialogue of sensible suggestions in which we might kind of desire to fulfill the demanding situations confronting our civilization.

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Increasingly, the qualities, properties, and values of the experienced world were viewed as epiphenomena—reduced to being “nothing but” the completely predictable and explainable effects of the interactions of mathematically describable material elements, none of which themselves had any of these properties. But let us first get a somewhat more global understanding of the significance of this issue. What was that world whose ending defines the experience of the twentieth century? What are its presuppositions and expectations?

Eugene O’Neill brilliantly suggests as much in The Iceman Cometh. Yet such a pessimistic vision runs counter to the enlightenment faith that has sustained the development of Western civilization during recent centuries, however much it may also have fueled those secular messianic projects. If humanity is to preserve itself—not even to speak of approaching an ideal of its collective self-realization—it will have to find a more adequate way of addressing that existential dread of which we have spoken.

For they alone can envisage an afterworld to which our present life is but a preface. In a certain sense, giving up that transcendence—and the fanaticism to which it can all too easily give rise—may well be a precondition for really facing the fact that we’re all in it together. What we need to do is find a way to collectively celebrate our shared destiny. 3 The End of An Era: Twilight of The Gods Interesting philosophy is … usually, … implicitly or explicitly, a contest between an entrenched vocabulary which has become a nuisance and a half-formed new vocabulary which vaguely promises great things … This sort of philosophy does not work piece by piece, analyzing concept after concept, or testing thesis after thesis.

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