Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology by Andrew Karmen

By Andrew Karmen

A primary within the box and precise vintage, CRIME sufferers: AN creation TO VICTIMOLOGY bargains the main finished and balanced exploration of victimology - a necessary new and, now and then, debatable department of criminology - to be had this present day. the writer examines the sufferers' plight, and is cautious to put records from the FBI's Uniform Crime document and Bureau of Justice information nationwide Crime Victimization Survey in context. The textual content systematically investigates how sufferers' at present are dealt with through the felony justice approach, analyzes the targets of the sufferers' rights flow, and discusses what the longer term is probably going to carry. This 7th version expands insurance of human trafficking, crimes on campus, identification robbery, stalking, motorcar robbery, and prisoners attacked in the back of bars. This student-friendly textbook will function a helpful home-library reference publication for an individual attracted to criminology and legal justice.

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