Crime Scene Investigator by Tamra B. Orr

By Tamra B. Orr

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Many people are fascinated by crime scenes and the mysteries they can present. Real life crimescene investigators are the heroes in these stories, both on screen and off. Their dedication, time, skills, earning & nnovation Skills I Crime scene investigations are shown regularly on television. What kinds of elements might be changed from reality to suit the needs of TV? How do you think this fact influences what the public thinks about crime scene investigations? and education help to take the questions out of the crime and provide the solutions instead.

They give you ideas about how to work well with others, make good decisions, and achieve your goals in life.

Schulz, Karen, Crime Scene Detective: Using Science and Critical Thinking to Solve Crimes. Austin, TX: Prufrock Press, 2005. Yancey, Diane. Crime Scene Investigations—Murder. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2006. Student_Information. asp&1 is a good site to find out about forensic science in Australia. asp is the home page for Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization. htm is a time line of forensic science events and people. COOL SCIENCE CAREERS: Crime Scene Investigator 31 Index computers, 26 contaminated evidence, 12 crime scene, 9, 11 crime scene investigators future of, 25–29 jobs of, 11–12 paperwork, 14 work hours, 22 fingerprinting equipment, 22, 27 photographer’s equipment, 21 preserving evidence, 24 robots, 26 evidence biohazards, 24 contaminated evidence, 12 pattern search, 16 preserving evidence, 20, 24 types of, 15–19 evidence log, 12, 14 evidence recorders, 12 Colombia, 11 crime scene security, 12 CSI television show, 29 fingerprints, 22, 27 footprints, 23 forensic department, 14 digitize, 27 DNA (doxyribonucleic acid) DNA fingerprinting, 6 identification and, 5–9, 27 Dotson, Gary, 6–8 home invasions, 11 homicides, 11, 17 armed robberies, 11 assaults, 11 biohazards, 24 blood samples, 18, 22, 23 bomb technician, 13 burglaries, 11 entomologists, 13 equipment biohazards, 24 blood sample collection, 23 computers, 26 National Fingerprint File, 26 photographers, 12 crime scene photography, 12, 21 photo log, 14 surveillance cameras, 27– 29 South Africa, 11 Revere, Paul, 25 Robocop, 26 robots, 26 Russia, 11 sketchers, 12 surveillance cameras, 27–29 Venezuella, 11 identification, 5–9, 25, 27 Jamaica, 11 Jeffreys, Alec, 4–7 logs, 12, 14 Minority Report, 26 National DNA Database, 26 About the Author Tamra Orr is a full-time writer and author living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

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