Crime in America: a reference handbook by Jennifer L. Durham

By Jennifer L. Durham

Crime in the USA provides diversified viewpoints at the keep an eye on of crime, anti-crime efforts via laws and group motion, and the successes and screw ups of legislation enforcement and the legal justice approach in facing crime in American society today.A chronology detailing ancient advancements and important statistical fluctuations in U.S. crime through the twentieth century, very important figures within the ongoing anti-crime campaign, laws excerpts, information, annotated print and nonprint source lists, and outlines of presidency and personal businesses around out this helpful reference device.

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State charges were eventually brought against the arresting officers. 42 The King case sparked criticism largely from the left, but another case of alleged abuse of power enraged the political right. Attorney General Janet Reno was widely criticized by conservatives for authorizing a raid on a religious compound in Waco, Texas, in 1993 that led to the deaths of 17 children, more than 60 other cult members, and 4 ATF agents. The ill-fated decision sparked a congressional investigation into the incident.

The steps listed here can help to reduce their risk of being victimized and can help authorities to investigate crimes against them if anything does happen. Make sure your children know your name and their full names, as well as their address and telephone number. Page 20 Any such information can help police locate parents if children become lost. Watch for sudden changes in your child's personality. Have children fingerprinted and take videos or photos to give to police if anything happens to them.

14 Critics alleged that the reports did more to guard civil rights than to fight crime. The commission's reports led to the passage of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. The final bill bore little resemblance to the proposals Johnson had originally introduced to Congress, but he had little choice but to sign the bill he had initiated. Conservatives criticized the act's antipoverty approach to crime and called for policies designed to punish criminals. Governors across the United States were concerned about the loss of state authority over law enforcement that would result from the bill.

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