Contents Under Pressure: 30 Years of Rush at Home and Away by Martin Popoff

By Martin Popoff

Contents stressed: 30 Years of Rush at domestic & Away is a close heritage of the exhaustive highway event of Canadian rock icons Rush. Celebrating the band’s thirtieth anniversary, By-Tour gains in-depth unique interviews with Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart. jointly, history’s loudest Order of Canada recipients conjure the points of interest and sounds in their unusual trip: person who begun within the microscopic, occasionally opposed golf equipment of Ontario and culminated in hockey barns, arenas, and stadiums worldwide. Rush were headliners for over two decades. The assertion of an drawing close Rush travel is significant leisure information world wide, and a reason for social gathering for the fanatical following the band has created with their grace, humour, mind, concentration, and spellbinding musicianship. A customer to this e-book can be justly rewarded with clean, specific insights approximately this enigmatic Canadian institution.

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We brought the truck in and had a very in-depth soundcheck," recalls Alex. "I think we might have even set up the day before and did a good, solid soundcheck. And I just remember how nerve-wracking that was. Playing your hometown is always nerve-wracking [laughs], always crazy. Knowing that the truck was out there and the record button was on, you were so nervous and so afraid of making mistakes and clunkers and things like that. I don't think we did anything," says Alex with respect to touch-ups.

You feel like you're somewhere quite different. At least that was my impression back then. And of course the architecture and the countryside. . "Then we went to London to mix at Advision. And again that was such a treat staying in London for three weeks or something, to mix. So A Farewell to Kings 57 we were going out to the pubs, hitting all the great Indian restaurants in the area, a really, really fun experience. And musically we were, I don't know . . going to a new level. We still had some of the longer songs like Cygnus X-l and Xanadu, but we were getting a little more melodic and a little more dynamic.

We were so despondent. We thought we were doing what was right and learning and that this was a stepping stone. But there was no support, anywhere, for us. "So we were pissed off. So we thought, 'You know what? ' And we started writing 2112. And there's a lot of passion and anger on that record. And we couldn't have done that without Caress of Steel and feeling kind of alone. And 2112 turned out to be our ticket to independence. After that, the record company said, 'Fine, do whatever you want. ' So there's never been anybody from the record company in any of our sessions ever.

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