Conquest and Construction: Palace Architecture in Northern by Mark Delancey

By Mark Delancey

In Conquest and Construction Mark Dike DeLancey investigates the palace structure of northern Cameroon, a zone that was once conquered within the early 19th century via basically semi-nomadic, pastoralist, Muslim, Ful e forces and included because the biggest emirate of the Sokoto Caliphate. Palace structure is taken into account before everything as political in nature, and hence as responding not just to the desires and expectancies of the conquerors, but additionally to these of the principally sedentary, agricultural, non-Muslim conquered peoples who constituted the bulk inhabitants. within the strategy of reconciling the cultures of those a number of elements, new architectural varieties and native identities have been constructed."

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3): Handmolded, sun-dried bricks set in a mud mortar and variously called tube, toub, tufa, tuferey, tubali or ferey, can be conceived of as an extension of banco above. The key difference lies in the two discrete operations in time required in the erection process: shaping and laying. The shaped ball of mud is left to dry in the sun for a time and is then laid up masonryfashion, rather than being laid up wet. 19 The structural capabilities of the tubali differ little, quite frankly, from those of banco.

34 Mohammadou, “Kanuri Imprint,” 281. ” Norbert Cyffer and John Hutchison, Dictionary of the Kanuri Language, ­Publications in African Languages and Linguistics 13 (Maiduguri, Nigeria: University of Maiduguri; Dordrecht, Netherlands and Providence, ri: 1990), 154. ” He states soon after that, “this term, kírà, also means a group of the people who live together in a same kírà. ”36 In other words, the extended family, all of whom would live within one kírà, is considered the basic unit of Mboum society.

Similar fates were met by many others. None, of course, wished to relinquish their sovereignty to a foreign force. The German incursion also spelled destruction for the palaces of the laamiiɓe, many of which were burned to the ground. Among these were the palaces of Banyo, Tibati, and Tignère. Using a “divide and rule” tactic, the Germans gave many of the provincial centers independence from their capitals. In this manner, new lamidats were formed, including Kontcha, Boundang-Touroua, Bantadgé and Tchamba.

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