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This booklet offers an research of the strain distribution and phone stresses in serious rheumatoid wrist after overall wrist arthroplasty. It assesses and compares the burden move through the joint and call strain on the articulations. the knowledge bought from this research is of value as this offer larger facts to the advantages of overall wrist arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

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In the 44 5 Finite Element Analysis Fig. 2 Simulated loss of carpal height due to bone destruction (b). 35 mm Fig. 3 The dislocated carpus towards ulna (a). The RA bones are in red and the transparent bones represent the normal healthy wrist. Weakened ligaments were simulated by remaining one link (b). The ligament in circle was the simulated loss of tension of the radiotriquetral ligament rheumatic wrist, the occurrence of SLAC (stage 3), SLD and the weakened radiotriquetrial ligaments has resulted in the dislocation of carpus towards ulnar direction [2].

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