Common Errors in English by Paul Hancock

By Paul Hancock

Should you actually need to enhance your English and prevent making blunders, this can be the ideal ebook for you! It explains over three hundred of the main widespread error and indicates you ways to prevent them. It covers: simply pressured phrases; sentence linkers; prepositions; average grammar blunders, and lots more and plenty extra.

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Born in Lisbon. My mother had to leav€ (r) .... very early to Bo to work and she didnl {3) .... home until late, so my grandmother looked (a) . . us children during the day. sometimes w€ (5) '... '... Later,I enjoyed going to her 1r; .... , much more than going to my other (s) .... houses, because although she was quite (e) . . with us when we behaved badly, she was good (lo) . '.. playing with childŤen. When I grew 0r) .... and left (rr) .... to go to univeřsity' my grandmother was very sad.

Person. 4 Íits/suits 5 hear/listen to a) You look good in that iacket. It really .... you. b) This shiŤt is the right siz€. It . ' . me perfectly' a) I think I .... somebody cryin8! b) lack's plaving piano ar úe pub thi. erening and ffi \^'e're going to .... him. Losing things Í Someone stole a house in London yesterday. é and thieves íeal lhinqs y'Someone burgled a house yesteřdař 62 írom X I've forgotten my lunch at homel \ou can say lýe f,ÍqotEn to bÍing nv lunch! but you léavélhinos in anďheípláce' y' I've left my lunch at home.

_ ,. t put the tent up all bY mY own nobody 1o help you,you do things on litiere is yorlr own oÍ by youÍs€lí. y' I put the tent up all on mY own , remind meď ouÍ secŤetary is thinkin8 aborrt remind me about leaving. lÍ you'Íe thinking áboot somelhinq' it is happening in your head al this moment, eg YtM hlk woÍied' steven' |ýhaÍ are you lhkking abouť2 lf you have a plan but you\e nď sure about it yet, you aÍe thintiío ď doing it' y'Our secretary t is thinkng of leaving. I'll shout at him of on my think about think ď shoul shoul at someone when you're anory' To attÍact someone's altention, you shoÚt lo them' You y' -..

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