Clear Speech: Practical Speech Correction and Voice by Malcolm Morrison

By Malcolm Morrison

This publication provides transparent tips to sturdy pronunciation and is written in an easily-accessible shape. many folks can determine and clear up their speech difficulties and considerably increase their voice by utilizing attempted and established routines. The systematic association of the cloth with transparent illustrations makes it effortless for the layman to appreciate and paintings from successfully. This new version includes extra routines in addition to an multiplied bankruptcy on vague Speech.

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Formation of the R sound Occurrence of R in English R is usually pronounced before or between vowels. In common English speech it is never said when it precedes a consonant. This rule applies to the speaking of a word: not to its spelling. For example in the spelling of the word 'deferred' the R appears before a vowel; but when we speak it it would have to be said before a consonant, therefore, 47 The English R Sound in accordance with the rule, the R sound is NOT pronounced in the word 'deferred7.

The sides of the tongue are held against the upper side teeth. The air is forced along a narrow channel down the centre of the tongue and causes friction, which is audible, between the tongue and the alveolar ridge. The teeth are held very slightly apart and passage of the air over the cutting edge of the upper front teeth is an important feature of the sound. 2. Although the method described in 1 is the most common, many speakers form a perfectly acceptable variety of S by placing the tip of the tongue behind the lower teeth 53 The S Sound and humping the tongue to bring the blade in light contact with the alveolar ridge.

The tendency is to restrict the voice to a few notes and, in consequence, the delivery is monotonous and boring. MAIN FAULTS Habitual high or low pitch Here the speaker uses either the high or the low notes of the voice to the exclusion of the others. The use of an unchanging high pitch is also associated with tension, particularly when speaking in a demanding public situation. Repeated tunes Equally monotonous is the voice which repeats the same intonation pattern, usually with a fall at the end of the phrase.

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