Classics Illustrated Junior No. 544 The Golden Fleece by Comic

By Comic

1964 ed.

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He was warm and wet like a hummock of soil; he felt like part of the bridge that had fallen in many years ago. After ten minutes of struggle Querry managed to drag his limbs out of the water--it was all he could do. The obvious thing now, if his torch would last long enough, was to fetch help. Even if the Africans refused to return with him two of the fathers would certainly aid him. He made to climb up on to the bridge and Deo Gratias howled, as a dog or a baby might howl. He raised a stump and howled, and Querry realised that he was crippled with fear.

Oh no, it isn't. You try to draw everything into the net of your faith, father, but you can't steal all the virtues. Gentleness isn't Christian, self-sacrifice isn't Christian, charity isn't, remorse isn't. I expect the caveman wept to see another's tears. Haven't you even seen a dog weep? " "You believe that? " "I am. The awful thing is I know it would be my body someone would cover. Almost certainly a woman. They have a passion for the dead. " The Superior stubbed out his cheroot and then lit another as he moved towards the door.

Those are not lies. Father Thomas, I can well understand why you are attracted to Querry. You are both men of extremes. But in our way of life, it is better for us not to have heroes--not live heroes, that is. " "Of course not. But don't let's recognise them before the Church does. " 3 Father Thomas stood by his netted door staring through the wire-mesh at the ill-lighted avenue of the leproserie. Behind him on his table he had prepared a candle and the flame shone palely below the bare electric globe; in five minutes all the lights would go out.

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