Circumstantial Deliveries (Quantum Books) by Rodney Needham

By Rodney Needham

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1 So, the virtue of acceptance implies that we are to receive willingly all that God is allowing on the path to goodness and to endure it without protest or complaint. 2 It can become a habit of the will, whether we perceive something as good or bad. Our faith will essentially become trust. ” Although we are discussing acceptance as the first of the virtues, it is surely not because it is the easiest to live out in our everyday lives. With acceptance we resign ourselves to God’s will; we respond submissively and conform our will to God’s will in what is considered inevitable.

Is adversity the wisest teacher Sometime sadly so sublime? Is The Ancient Mariner calling, To turn and listen to his Rime? FORTUNE—GOOD LUCK? BAD LUCK? Luck, also called fortune, is a chance happening and refers to that which appears to be beyond a person’s control. It is also seen as a belief in the organization of fortunate or unfortunate events. As a form of superstition, luck can be attributed to various factors, personal or impersonal. The element of chance in determining one’s luck has been debated since antiquity.

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