Christian Arabic of Baghdad by Farīda Abū-Haidar

By Farīda Abū-Haidar

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O. o. o. o. o. bring, to deliver (baby)" Some Stem II verbs occur without there being a corresponding Stem I verb. In such cases Stem II verbs can be either transitive or intransitive. )ayyan sagga) kammal l:zaddad "to "to "to "to employ" encourage" complete" limit" )aggal bayyan baddat; "to hurry" "to appear" "to excel" The suffix subject markers of the perfective are the same as those for Stem I verbs. The imperfective is of the -CvCC<)C pattern, as, for example, aiaggat; "I encourage"; a)aggal "I hurry"; a)ayyan "I employ"; akammal "I finish", etc.

A "to come". The CB verbal base pattern for this is ga. Verbs inflect for number and gender. The first person singular and the plural forms are of common gender. The following paradigms give the perfective suffix subject markers. The first column markers are suffixed to strong, hamzated, initial and medial w and y verbs. The second column markers are suffixed to geminate and final y verbs. eZ "to lcs 2ms 2fs 3ms 3fs CaCaC! aCaC/ CaC CaCC! CaCa -tu -at -ti -etu -et -eti -at -at e e 44 lcp 2cp 3cp Morphology -na -ena -tam -etam -u/ -6 -ul -o CaCa type verbs have a third person plural suffix 6, as, for example, bano "they built"; ma8o "they walked", while CaCC type verbs take -u, as in maddu "they stretched"; gassu "they cheated".

S. 4 i5 is far more common in CB than in either MB or JB. It occurs in both stressed and unstressed, open and closed syllables. s). 5 il occurs ordinarily in stressed, open and closed syllables. mr1 sat sufu slr1qi . not" .. ,. s. ) . see. ,. ( p. 3 Diphthongs LA diphthongs aw and ay are ordinarily realized as i5 and e respectively. LA CB aw ldw fdwq > zo > {Oq "if' "up, upstairs, on top of' 5 This is the name given to a brick or tiled porch-like platform by a front or side door of a house, reached by a flight of steps from outside the house.

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