Chestnut Ridge Acres by Carrie Bender

By Carrie Bender

Joe and Arie, a tender Amish couple, flow onto Chestnut Ridge Acres, a farm close to Summerville. Joe's more youthful sister Nancy and brother Steven come from Whispering Brook Farm to assist them in the course of their first summer season. the times and nights on Chestnut Ridge are choked with motion, facing farm existence and natural world. this is often quantity three of the Whispering Brook sequence for a while nine and up .

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She was looking forward to getting to know these people and hoped she would soon feel at home with this church group.  However, Arie knew that the people here would do their best to make them feel welcome and at home.  When he came in for supper, he was rather tired.  Then Arie would take the milk to the house while Joe finished feeding and bedding the animals with straw for the night.  The mice seemed to have free roaming, and though she admitted it to no one, Arie was awfully afraid of mice.

She had a dreadful case of Heemweh (homesickness), and she wept until her eyes and nose were red.  What a sight she was!  He must not know that she had Heemweh. " he asked, sounding concerned. " She had decided it just that moment, though she felt bad about being so deceptive.  When Joe kissed her tenderly, she was happy again, and her Heemweh disappeared as if by magic.  She quickly got ready while Joe hitched Chief to the buggy.  He scowled and swung his fist in their direction as they passed.

Behind the house were a rickety old barn and a dilapidated shed.  There was so much work to be done.  A tiny chipmunk with fat cheeks ran over a log and disappeared under it. " She looked over her shoulder nervously.  He stood poised for a few moments, then away he bounded, with a flip of his tail.  Among them was a pair of hooded mergansers with white tufts on their heads. "It's so beautiful," Arie kept saying, as she gazed down over the valley.  After they had eaten, they still lingered, talking, dreaming, and planning.

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