Checking Theory and Grammatical Functions in Universal by Hiroyuki Ura

By Hiroyuki Ura

Ura demonstrates that his thought of a number of feature-checking, an extension of Chomsky's Agr-less checking concept, offers a normal reason behind a variety of info drawn from various languages in a truly constant means with a restricted set of parameters.

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A derivation converges if it converges at both interface levels; otherwise, it CRASHES. ). Let NUMERATION be a set of pairs (LI, i), where LI is an item of the lexicon and i is its index, which should be understood to be the number of times that LI is selected. ). CHL proceeds by selecting an item from N, reducing its index by 1. CHL crashes if all indices are not reduced to zero (cf. Collins 1996). ), there is an operation SPELL-OUT, which applies to the structure 2 already formed. Spell-out strips away from 'E those elements relevant only to , leaving the residue EL, which is mapped to .

By feature checking, a relation (called a CHECKING RELATION) is produced. 3. 15 4. Feature checking is possible only when the element (= checkee) that possesses the feature to be checked is in the CHECKING DOMAIN 13 T is the label of A. The label of K, which identifies the type to which K belongs, is determined derivationally (see Chomsky 1994a, 1995a for details). 14 See Watanabe (1995a) for more discussion on structure building under the "bare" phrase structure theory of Chomsky (1994a, 1995a).

Moreover, it should be emphasized that the theory of GFs proposed here has a good advantage on empirical grounds as well as on conceptual grounds, as will be demonstrated in subsequent chapters. In this book I will claim that, in addition to its superiority on conceptual grounds, this theory also has empirically wide advantages: As I will demonstrate in depth, it provides us with a good apparatus to handle GF-splitting phenomena appropriately, if the theory of multiple feature checking, which will be developed and elaborated in what follows, is supplied.

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