Case Absorption and WH-Agreement by A. Watanabe

By A. Watanabe

This publication is an broadly revised model of the middle a part of my 1993 MIT doctoral dissertation, which seeks to supply a Minimalist idea of Case absorption and aid it via empirical research. The crucial notion pursued is that impoverishment of word constitution is chargeable for Case absorption and that the precise idea of Case checking may still derive this estate. even if the fundamental line of analysis on Case absorption and wh-agreement continues to be an analogous, this publication includes a lot of latest effects. A principied thought of Case checking and Case absorption has been labored out in bankruptcy 1. remedy of participial structures in bankruptcy three and wh­ contract in bankruptcy four is way extra systematic and complete. bankruptcy 2 can be streamlined, including refinements of the research of Romanian. The product, i am hoping, is a extra convincing def ense of the power of the Mi ni mal ist method. i need to thank my thesis committee participants Ken Haie, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Lasnik, lower than whose tips this venture started.

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It will be desirable if we can eliminate it. But then the PRO theorem itself will become unstatable. Thus, in this respect, too, we have to search for a new way of accounting for the distribution of PRO. An alternative might be that transitive verbs like believe have to check their Accusative Case. Accusative Case checking then is prevented if PRO appears, because the embedded subject checks Null Case in the embedded c1ause. This alternative, however, does not work for raising predicates like seem, which do not have Accusative Case but still do not allow PRO, or for the passive version of believe.

B. Ana dice tener mucho dinero. ' Kempchinsky (1986, 131) She argues that the possibility of control and the tense interpretation do not correlate in Spanish as nicely as Stowe II (1982) claims for English. ll Notice that once the biuniqueness between Comp and the tense interpretation breaks down, Martin's (1992) account loses generality. 16) should lack the Null Case feature and hence disallow PRO, because the embedded Tns lacks an independent interpretation. Tbe fact goes against this prediction.

And given the role of Comp in the A-bar system, it does not seem appropriate to assume Case checking in Spec of CP nor to posit an Agr phrase on top of CP so as to enable Case checking in the higher AgrP analogous to ECM cases induced by verbs like believe. 28 Under our proposaI, on the other hand, Comp is vital in checking off the remaining Case feature of Tns. The complementizer JOT is the one which has to be present when Accusative Case is checked on infinitivaI subjects. 29 This proposal has to assume that the infinitivaI Tns has the ability to check Accusative Case.

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