Cartilage. Structure, Function, and Biochemistry by Brian K. Hall

By Brian K. Hall

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See Fig. 6, Busycon canaliculatum; Person and Philpott, 1967). , Haliotis) have cartilages in which the interterritorial matrix is considerably more abundant (Wegmann, 1884). Some odontophore cartilages are quite unusual in that they consist of an intimate mixture of chondroblasts and muscle cells suspended in a common matrix (Schaf­ fer, 1930; Carriker and Bilstad, 1946; Person and Philpott, 1967). , Aplysia, Limnea, Helix, Planorbis, and Stagnicola). Schaffer (1930) suggested that the particular physical properties of cartilage required for grazing might best be provided by a myoblast-chondroblast mixture.

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