Biological and Bioenvironmental Heat and Mass Transfer by Ashim K. Datta

By Ashim K. Datta

Providing a starting place in warmth and mass delivery, this ebook covers engineering ideas of warmth and mass move. the writer discusses organic content material, context, and parameter regimes and provides sensible functions for organic and biomedical engineering, business nutrients processing, environmental keep an eye on, and waste administration. The ebook includes end-of-chapter difficulties and sections highlighting key strategies and demanding terminology It bargains cross-references for simple entry to similar parts and proper formulation, in addition to targeted examples of delivery phenomena, and outlines of actual tactics. It covers mechanisms of diffusion, capillarity, convection, and dispersion.

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3. At some point in time, 6 CHAPTER 1. 1 J/g the solid is put in the liquid. We are interested in knowing the final temperature of the system. Consider no heat loss to the surroundings at any time. Let m 1 , c p1 , T1 and m 2 , c p2 , T2 be the mass, specific heat and temperature, respectively, of bodies 1 and 2. Recall that the energy content of a mass m and specific heat c p at temperature T is mc p (T − Tref ) where Tref is a reference temperature. In using Eqn. 3: Illustration of energy conservation.

9) Note that wherever a quantity is to be multiplied or divided by temperatures (not temperature differences), absolute scales for temperature must be used except in empirical equations. 2. 12 CHAPTER 1. 5◦ C −24◦ C 0◦ C −18◦ C(≈ 0◦ F) 2◦ C(≈ 35◦ F) 35◦ C(≈ 95◦ F) 33◦ C(≈ 91◦ F) 37◦ C 6000◦ C Chapter Summary— Energy Conservation and Temperature Laws of Thermodynamics (page 5) 1. First law of thermodynamics states that energy is conserved. 2. Second law of thermodynamics is equivalent to the condition that heat spontaneously flows from a body of higher temperature to a body of lower temperature.

Dry biomaterials have a thermal conductivity much less than water (somewhat closer to air), whereas frozen biomaterials have thermal conductivity values closer to that of ice. 7 on page 339. 8 on pages 335-340. 2 Thermal Diffusivity Fourier’s law (Eqn. 6) is the thermal energy per unit volume. The proportionality constant α is called the thermal diffusivity. 1. 6: Thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of some biomaterials. 9) To further interpret thermal diffusivity, note that thermal conductivity provides the rate of heat flow.

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