Behavioral Neurology of Movement Disorders by William J. Weiner MD, Anthony E. Lang MD, Karen E. Anderson

By William J. Weiner MD, Anthony E. Lang MD, Karen E. Anderson MD

Thoroughly revised to mirror the most recent advances in remedy and learn, this quantity is the main accomplished, present medical reference on psychiatric indicators linked to flow problems. This edition's improved part on Parkinson's illness contains new chapters on anxiousness issues; sleep issues, sexual disorder, apathy, and different neuropsychiatric problems; behavioral unwanted effects of more recent drugs; and behavioral alterations following deep mind stimulation and ablative surgical procedure. additionally integrated is a bankruptcy discussing Parkinson's ailment as a version for psychosocial matters in continual neurodegenerative ailment. different new chapters hide behavioral concomitants of ataxias, crucial tremor, dystonias, Creutzfeldt-Jakob sickness, and autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders.

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