Atlas of Human Limb Joints by Jacques Guyot

By Jacques Guyot

The purpose of this e-book is to offer as thoroughly as attainable an outline of the joints of the human limbs, utilizing pictures and drawings of anatomical dissections. latest descriptive anatomical debts are usually theoretical and never associated with useful job of the joints involved; they lack sensible demonstra­ tion of the anatomy. we are hoping to fill the space within the to be had literature via presentation of this publication. The paintings is directed in the direction of anatomists, medical professionals drawn to joint pathology, orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, radiologists, experts in game accidents and rehabilitation, additionally to physicians generally, physiotherapists and scholars. The booklet is split into seven chapters. every one bankruptcy contains elements: the 1st is a short account of the useful anatomy of the joint. It doesn't supply a whole description yet an total precis of the sensible buildings concerned. the second one part, the most half, contains illustrations (drawings and pictures of anatomical dissections). The dissections and the pictures have been ready within the division of Anatomy directed by means of Professor HENRI M. DUVERNaY from cadaveric specimens preserved by means of the tactic defined via WINCKLER (1964). the method of dissecting the ligamentous constructions round joints has proved techni­ cally tough. possible create artificially constructions from the mass of fibrous tissue and on a few events we've been not able to find ligaments that are defined in a few anatomical bills.

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D e V Remo e ous SUperflclalls os n A. es '. femu, ndYle o f O iC p e l Media ity o f tibia TUberos Jedia/i Vastu ll ndon agnu s te m t r to c AddU r oblique lig amen io r te P? cap ule d' I Fibrous ,menll, 1943) } of n O ,allig ti r ,e O a P ,he ll o l O e V c ll Para me B"l a n l i g ,n and lib 1<' 1) , . ion (f'orn ObI"I,que Pbo",on , 'endon (exPan S n o ,u s e", r a ent mu'm Soele m a g li (CU') Patel/ar a c u /urn n li 'e , a atell M e d i ,l P '0 29 Chapter 2 30 The Knee Joint Figure 13 Right Knee Joint, Medial View: Medial Capsular Ligaments (From Slocum and Larson, 1968) ME Medial epicondyle Vastus medialis Adductor magnus tendon The tibial collateral ligament has been partially removed 4 Anterior third (retinaculum of va tus roed ialis) 5 Middle third (meniscofemoral fibres) of medial capsular 5' Middle third ligaments (roeniscotibial fibre) 6 Posterior third (posterior oblique ligament) 7 Semimembranosus tendon (expansion to tibia and fascia overlying the popliteus) 8 Medial head of gastrocnemius 9 Pes anserinus (cut) 1 2 3 31 Chapter 2 32 The Knee Joint figure 14 R ig h t Kne e Joint.

No uy oc, a p s u ment 43 F ib r tera l liga iarl iuCsolla 5 STaibr to 6 on ilis te n d 7 Grac s ten d o n branosu ndon m e im m 8 Se e n d in o u te miu e em it g a s tro cn hea d o f erficia /i l ia d e p 10 M in Us s ut es anser l } Pa te Ha r lig a m e n culum 12 P ar retina 9 ia l pate ll 13 Med 27 Chapter 2 28 The Knee Joint 2 Figure 1 ME T J 2 3 4 5 6 87 9 10 (With P t n i o J e ne Right K w edial Vie M . ) d e V Remo e ous SUperflclalls os n A. es '. femu, ndYle o f O iC p e l Media ity o f tibia TUberos Jedia/i Vastu ll ndon agnu s te m t r to c AddU r oblique lig amen io r te P?

Medial rotation results in a much more secure position due to the better mutual opposing joint surface containment, to the automatic and secure tightening of the cruciate ligaments, and to the added protection furnished by active contraction of the biceps femoris muscle and the tensor fasciae latae. 21 Chapter 2 22 The Knee Joint Figure 9 R ig ht K ne e Jo in t. A nt er io r View LC Lateral condyl Me Medial condyl e of femur e of femur p Patella Ti bi a T J 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Va tus mediali (lo Medial patellar re west fibres) tinaculum (cro se d fi br e) Patellar ligament Tibial collateral lig ament Medial meniscus Fa cia cruris Fi bu la r collateral ligament Lateral menis cu 23 Chapter 2 24 The Knee Joint Figure 10 H PS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 /0 // /2 /3 /4 /5 Right Knee Joint.

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