Asymmetry in Morphology by Anna Maria Di Sciullo

By Anna Maria Di Sciullo

During this groundbreaking monograph, Anna Maria Di Sciullo proposes that asymmetry—the irreversibility of a couple of parts in an ordered set—is a hard-wired estate of morphological relatives. Her argument that asymmetry is important in derivational morphology, might, if real, make morphological items commonplace gadgets of grammar simply as syntactic and phonological items are. This contrasts with the normal assumption that morphology is abnormal and therefore now not topic to the elemental hard-wired regularities of shape and interpretation.

Di Sciullo argues that the uneven estate of morphological relatives is a part of the language college. She proposes a conception of grammar, Asymmetry thought, in accordance with which typical operations have particular instantiations in parallel derivations of the computational area. She posits that morphological and syntactic kin proportion a estate, asymmetry, yet diverge with admire to different homes in their primitives, operations, and interface representations. Di Sciullo deals empirical aid for her concept with examples from quite a few languages, together with English, glossy Greek, African, Romance, Turkish, and Slavic.

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However, there are two cases where reordering is possible: (1) diminutive clusters in Italian and (2) causative-reflexive a‰xation in Ecuadorian Quechua, reported in Muysken 1981. As predicted, di¤erent orderings of the a‰xes yield systematic di¤erences in interpretation. (37) dim1 * dim2; dim2 * dim1 -ino: descriptive; -etto: evaluative a. tavolo, tavolino, tavoletto (It) ‘table’, ‘small table’, ‘funny small table’ b. tavolinetto, tavolettino ‘small funny table’, ‘funny small table’ (38) CAUSE * REC; REC * CAUSE a.

2 This hypothesis is compatible with the Derivation by Phase Model (Chomsky 2001; Uriagereka 1999). Asymmetry Theory extends the Derivation by Phase model into a fully parallel model. The representation in (1) illustrates, with great 22 Chapter 2 oversimplification, the components, M, S, F, S, the parallel DM =DS , derivations, and the resulting domains of computation, domain1 . . domainn , which are interpreted at LF and PF. (1) F Lex(LA) M domain1 S S ... D DM /DS domain1 domainn LF DM /DS D ...

Flip applies before the PF precedence relations have been established, and so it does not modify the precedence relations. Moreover, Flip does not alter the dominance relations. Flip contributes to linearization in the derivation of morphological and syntactic objects that linearize under di¤erent conditions. When applying to the outcome of DS , Flip derives the order of ‘‘heavy’’ modifiers generated in the specifier of a functional projection, thus to the left of a functional head by creating a mirror image of Asymmetry Theory 31 the tree headed by that functional head at PF.

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