[Article] A Rich Middle Triassic Source Rock in the Barents by Malvin Bjorøy, P.B. Hall

By Malvin Bjorøy, P.B. Hall

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219 Cerebral Metabolism SPECT and PET can not only assess specific molecular functions, but also regional metabolism in the brain. An extensively used tool is 18FDG-PET. 220,221 Using rapid and automated voxelbased algorithms, both motor and cognitive diseasespecific metabolic networks in PD were found (Fig. 4). These networks are shown to be influenced by treatment, 222 and advancing disease is associated with progressive increases and decreases in regional metabolism in both (bottom). (b) Parkinson’s Disease-Related Cognitive Pattern (PDCP).

B) Parkinson’s Disease-Related Cognitive Pattern (PDCP). 221 With permission) 36 motor and cognitive patterns. Changes associated with the cognitive metabolic network appeared early in the disorder, but developed at a slower rate than the motorrelated pattern. 221 The PD-related cognitive pattern was characterized by reduced metabolic activity in the prefrontal and parietal cortex and with a relative increase in the cerebellum and dentate nuclei. 220 A recently published review by Eckert et al.

The currently used nuclear neuroimaging techniques are SPECT and PET. They are both variations on the principle of gamma camera detection of emitted γ-rays. Tomographic reconstruction is used to construct three-dimensional images. By the use of the radiolabeled ligands, one can measure metabolic activity, perform receptor-binding studies, study regional blood flow and explore drug treatment response. Both techniques can detect pathology before it is visible on structural imaging. The drawback of both SPECT and PET is poor spatial resolution.

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