Arctic and Antarctic by DK Publishing

By DK Publishing

Attention-grabbing photographs and unique info. i have used it within the school room for a source for heritage details at the Artic. My scholars loved paging via it and discovered much from it.

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Underground facts •The Alaska Pipeline is regularly checked by PIGs— Pipeline Inspection Gauges. •As well as fuels and industrial minerals, Arctic mines produce gold and diamonds. •Siberian oil contributes lots and lots of money to the Russian economy. 43 World in peril It’s easy to damage our Earth—even the far ends of it! In the Arctic, mining and oildrilling harm animals and landscapes. While Antarctica is protected from industry, even visiting tourists can hurt its environment. Industrial waste Discarded oil drums rust away very slowly in the cold, dry Arctic air.

Blubber the thick layer of fat that protects some animals (like whales and seals) from the cold. breed to produce babies. aurora borealis the bands of colored light that appear in the sky over the Arctic. burrow a hole in the ground that animals live in. Ground squirrels have burrows. baleen brushlike fringe that some whales have at the back of their mouth to strain food from the water. colony a group of animals (such as penguins) that live together. 46 environment the natural world all around us, including land, air, and living things.

Braving the ice Some holes are made with a chisel or a pick, while others are drilled. Making their way through floating polar ice, these bright red fishing boats operate out of West Greenland. Supper from the sea The Inuit people eat lots of fish, which they sometimes catch through holes in the Arctic ice. Frozen meals Polar cod have slightly jutting bottom jaws so they can scrape algae from underneath the ice. 30 Polar cod live in ice-covered Arctic waters, feeding on algae underneath the ice.

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