Application of Wavelets in Speech Processing by Mohamed Hesham Farouk

By Mohamed Hesham Farouk

This publication offers a survey on accepted of using wavelets research in numerous purposes of speech processing. the writer examines improvement and examine in several functions of speech processing. The booklet additionally summarizes the state-of-the-art study on wavelet in speech processing.

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Zhao, Q. Zhang, J. Dong, Robust pitch estimation using a wavelet variance analysis model. Signal Process. 89(6), 1216–1223 (2009) Chapter 10 Speech Coding, Synthesis, and Compression Abstract WT-based coding allows for the control of frequency resolution to closely match the response of the human auditory system. The inherent shaping of the wavelet synthesis filter and a controlled bit allocation to the wavelet coefficients help to minimize the perceptually significant noise due to the quantization error in the residual.

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