Adverbial Subordination: A Typology and History of Adverbial by Bernd Kortmann

By Bernd Kortmann

The sequence is a platform for contributions of every kind to this speedily constructing box. common difficulties are studied from the viewpoint of person languages, language households, language teams, or language samples. Conclusions are the results of a deepened research of empirical information. targeted emphasis is given to little-known languages, whose research may well shed new gentle on long-standing difficulties mostly linguistics.

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G. adpositions) or adverbial subordinators may be arranged on a grammaticalization chain, parallel to their arrangement as partial sets on a gradient with different degrees of "informativeness" or "semantic richness" which may at the same time be viewed as an inferencing chain (cf. Traugott—König 1991, Heine et al. 1991b: 156—157). Thus, Concession would count as more grammaticalized than Cause or Condition, the latter two as more grammaticalized than Time, and Time as more grammaticalized than Space; a similar chain would be "Manner > Instrument > Comitative".

E. g. structural types) of adverbial subordinators and subordinator 6 Part One Background inventories in individual (groups of) languages and, where possible, correlations with other properties of the languages or language groups concerned. The question why (inventories of) adverbial subordinators have these properties, whether there are, for example, underlying principles which account for them, is only of secondary importance; even less important is the question how they developed the properties they have.

What is more, returning to the significance of explanations in language typology, in accounting for areal features within Europe and of Europe as a whole, especially in the domain of adverbial subordination, the linguistic evolution of Europe can neither be ignored nor can it be viewed independently of the cultural and political evolution of Europe. It is easy to see the almost natural link between a crosslinguistic and a historical account of adverbial subordinators, and the fascinating perspectives such a combined approach offers.

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