Advanced Polymers in Medicine by Francesco Puoci

By Francesco Puoci

The ebook offers an up to date review of the various clinical purposes of complicated polymers. The ebook opens through featuring vital heritage info on polymer chemistry and physicochemical characterization of polymers. This serves as crucial clinical help for the next chapters, each one of that's dedicated to the functions of polymers in a selected scientific uniqueness. The assurance is large, encompassing orthopedics, ophthalmology, tissue engineering, surgical procedure, dentistry, oncology, drug supply, nephrology, wound dressing and therapeutic, and cardiology. the advance of polymers that increase the biocompatibility of blood-contacting clinical units and the incorporation of polymers inside of biosensors also are addressed. This booklet is a wonderful advisor to the new advances in polymeric biomaterials and bridges the space among the examine literature and conventional textbooks at the purposes of polymers in medicine.

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They also serve as carriers for peptides, oligonucleotides and proteins because of their cellular interactions. Due to their ability to recognize the surface properties of lipoprotein particles, they have also been explored as diagnostic tools for cholesterol measurement. Recent research has shown greater control of drug release by incorporation of CDs into polymeric drug delivery systems [17]. Cellulose and Hemicellulose Cellulose is an organic polysaccharide with the formula (C6H10O5)n, consisting of a linear chain of several hundred to over ten thousand β (1 → 4) linked d-glucose units [18, 19].

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Polymers of moderate molecular weight are fluids, while high molecular weight, slightly cross-linked polymers are elastomeric. Silicones have a number of medical applications because of their biocompatibility and chemical inertness. The FDA has approved many medical silicone-based medical devices such as catheters, tubing, gastric bags, drains, and endoscopic windows. The gel form is used in bandages and dressings, breast implants, testicle implants, pectoral implants, contact lenses, and a variety of other medical uses.

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