Ad fontes: Original Manuscripts and Their Signicance for by Thomas J. Kraus

By Thomas J. Kraus

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2. Cf. the reviews by Elliott, Parker, Ehrman, and the response by Wachtel. 4 See, among others, Schubart, Einführung; idem, ‘Papyruskunde’, 39–43; Hagedorn, ‘Papyrologie’, 62–70. 5 That this is possible without any difÀculty on the basis of documentary papyri is self-evident, as these are direct witnesses to their time and they supply us with concrete information. Albeit on a different scale, even literary papyri can be used in this respect. Beatty I (Ö45), kept in Vienna. e. 10 The restriction to just one page is necessitated by the condition of the fragment itself.

11 On the other, this is plainly caused by the fact that the papyri are just the Àrst group of manuscripts of the New Testament in the lists. Correspondingly, the attention of the readers of Kurt Aland’s Reptertorium der griechischen christlichen Papyri I: Biblisch Papyri is directed by that writing material mentioned in the title of the volume. 12 In principle, one cannot help suspecting that—as indispensable as the list of manuscripts is for textual criticism of the New Testament—this formal division into writing materials is too exclusive and other connecting lines between manuscripts have been ignored.

LXIII 4365—A Letter on Papyrus and the Reciprocal Lending of Literature Having become Apocryphal’) and a judicial obligation in the Letter to Philemon (chapter 12 ‘An Obligation from Contract Law in Philemon 19: Characteristic Style and Juridical Background’). The conclusions are drawn from a broad base of additional documentary witnesses to the phenomena approached in both studies. why am i doing what i do? 9 The Ànal chapter is just a reminiscence of my early work on papyri. Stanley E. Porter asked me to integrate this study, too.

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