A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting, Second Edition by Steven Louis Shelley

By Steven Louis Shelley

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Since the voltage is a given (110 volts), the second version of the power formula is used. 27 amps, much more than the 20-amp rating assigned to the #12 cable. The answer is no; three 1000-watt instruments should not be plugged into a single #12 20 ● A Practical guide to stage lighting cable. 18 amps, and could be plugged into the #12 cable without exceeding its amperage rating. Example 2: The dimmer is rated to handle 30 amps. How many 750-watt instruments can be plugged into that dimmer? This question could be determined in two ways.

Using bundles during installation means that the same amount of effort required to install a single circuit will instead result in the installation of several. The modern form of added circuitry employs several groups of wires enclosed in a single jacket, known as multicable, or mults. Mults can terminate either in several plugs at each end, or with a single connector. The plugs are then contained in a separate modular unit with a matching connector, called a breakout. Since mults employ a single outer jacket, the overall size and weight of a length of mult is much less than a comparable bundle, which makes it easier to transport, handle, and install.

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