A Practical English Grammar by Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They comprise a solution key.

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A word that is used with a noun or pronoun to describe or point out the living being or lifeless thing designated by the noun or pronoun: a little boy, that boy, this boy, a little house. There are two classes, descriptive and limiting. A descriptive adjective expresses either the kind or condition or state of the living being or lifeless thing spoken of: a good boy, a bright dog, a tall tree; a sick boy, a lame dog. The participles of verbs in adjective function are all descriptive adjectives, since they indicate either an active or passive state: running water, a dying soldier, a broken chair.

Make any changes that you think necessary to make the meaning clearer. For example, the girl refers to he without ever saying who 'he' is, that is, she doesn't name the referent, the person she has in mind. Describe what you have done in order to produce written sentences. Exercise 5 Write out the following narrative A Rainy Day, another reading primer text, clause by clause in columns. Write out each clause on its own line, with any linking words in a separate column at the front: link - Actor Circumstances Process - Affected/Objective/Attribute - Note or discuss words and phrases that don't seem to fit in with one of the categories of meaning (if any).

Iv) Black and Littlejack went ashore, followed by their surly and sinewy crew. (v) The way grew clearer in this dark part of the forest, and the sun shone bright. (vi) The threatening trees had disappeared except for one, all that was left of a stricken oak. (vii) And then Black saw the long, gaunt form of Littlejack. (viii) The tavern clock ticked sixty times. 4 Participles as adjectives Notice the word-class which the modifiers in these phrases belong to: shining roofs the astonished host frozen peas They have the suffixes -ing, -ed and -en, which belong to participles of the verbs shine, astonish and freeze.

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