A grammar of Chichewa, a Bantu language of British Central by Mark Hanna Watkins

By Mark Hanna Watkins

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R*^^'^^C'^^^'<3\C Please give him a To me a dog please give) (Lit. C^'O^' nga-la khyi chi nang-ro-nang. I rupee [^a|'^^'^'S^|'q|(3:c;'X^^'^<5;c;' | kho-la gor-mo chi nang-ro-nang. Do not make a noise ^^'^T'^q | ke ma-gyap. CHAPTER It is a pleasant country. Please give me an armful of armful please give). ^(3jC He is A me A man {Lit. To me wood an ] kho po-pa re. i^For translation). 2. and a dog. Please give a rupee. As wood. raj'^C'qC'q'CTICCrit^^C:'^^^' p'CJ^'^''^^ II. 7. re. nga-la shing pang pa Hang nang-ro nang.

G. 0^^y 5. is Q^' tlie boy from cKa, fl' sometimes cut fowl. becomes 5^' off and with Gender, — Rules as to gender are and ^' mo, 3^' 6. noun ends in but loosely observed In names of animals^ trees, for feminine. , Z^'-PiUi' FEMALE TREE. 5;^' changed ^ forms the diminutive, genders can be distinguished by the particles the noun, With the o are If the ; sheep_, (^'^\' lu-lcu, lamb. In, in colloquial Tibetan. q. g. pho-mo, MALES and FEMALES. In a limited number of words i^'^I'Kj'^' denote the masculine and ^'3^' the feminine, the particles in such cases following the noun, DAUGHTER.

20 The 10. and ^V have the sense particles TI'p' Thus ^^^'T[' placed after immerals. the when nyi-ka, the two, both The ^'p'^' dun-kha, the SE7EN. q2:,g:'P' of ka, klia, ka, ; take the case-inflection similarly to QJ\' di. WORDS. Who = ^' NO Wind =

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