A descriptive grammar of huastec (Potosino dialect) by Edmonson,Barbara Wedemeyer

By Edmonson,Barbara Wedemeyer

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25 (26) a. Setting the Stage 31 b. Suppose now that in identifying the root of the substituted structure with the frontier node into which substitution takes place, Substitution also merges the feature sets of the two nodes, where this Merge operation is understood as feature unification. This yields the desired result that certain substitutions that would be possible on the basis of node label compatibility are in fact no longer possible. In the case at hand, the nonfinite CP in (26a) cannot substitute into the CP node of (26b), because of the feature clash.

24) Bill bought a new house VP after Hillary decided to run TP because their fight was over In the second derivation, both adjunct clauses adjoin separately into the main clause elementary tree at the VP and TP nodes. The resulting derivation structure, shown in (25), is quite di¤erent in shape. 24 Derivation structures have largely been ignored in recent work in the Minimalist Program, perhaps because in a system that builds structure one level of projection at a time, as with the Merge operation, the derivation structure is to a large extent indistinguishable from the derived structure.

Higgins suggests instead that serve requires the subject of its infinitival complement to be interpretable as an instrument of the action that the embedded clause describes. 12 Assuming that such thematic properties are represented uniquely on the embedded verb, this means that serve is able to select for a thematic property of the verb embedded in its infinitival complement, across the intervening CP and TP. The following contrasts in complements to the verb decide provide a final example of this sort of nonlocal selection: (16) a.

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