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Polar animal books for children - a enjoyable and interesting method for younger readers to determine extra concerning the polar animal adaptations.
This polar animals publication for children mixes evidence, images or even encompasses a video clip part.

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These songs, which typically last from 10 to 20 minutes, are composed of several sounds which vary in amplitude and frequency, with whales in a certain area all singing the 62 same song. Southern right whales stay in the cool waters around Antarctica all year long, unable to survive in tropical waters because of their thick blubber. Like other right whales, they have patches of white on their skin which is the result of the infestation of white lice. 63 Southern Right Whale by nestor galina The spectacled porpoise is the only porpoise found in Antarctic waters, which is probably why it is rarely seen.

It has no dorsal fin and is a fairly active swimmer, leaping gracefully out of the water every now and then and even performing somersaults in the air. 55 Various species of seal can also be found in the Antarctic. One is the Antarctic fur seal – ninety-five percent of its population can be found on the island of South Georgia, which is the largest group of marine mammals in the world. gratwicke 56 The crabeater seal, the most abundant seal species in the world, is also widely distributed on the Antarctic coast.

Young crabeater seals are the most playful of all young seals in the Antarctic. They gather in thousands and then swim, jump and dive all at the same time. The leopard seal is one of the top predators in Antarctica, feeding on penguins, seabirds and other seals. It has also been known to attack humans, attempting to drag researchers off the ice and drag divers deep underwater. They even attack researcher’s inflatable boats! 4 meters) long. It has large eyes and is known for its siren-like sounds which travel over long distances.

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